My Week In Pictures

1. This week has been super exhausting. It’s been very full on and mid week salt-baths to ache sore muscles and get you through the week are needed. These bath salts are great at getting the job done. And of course, bath petals are a must.

2. A squirrel came super close to me on one of my morning waiting for the train to work and obviously I had to stand as still as possible so I could see how close it would actually come. The little guy came pretty close before turning around and going up the steps. It was a nice start to the morning all the same.

3. As I write this, I’m planning my bubble bath for tonight and I picked up a couple of samples from Lush to try out while in the bath tonight. Rosy Cheeks I’ve tried before and love but BB Seaweed is a new one to me. It has rose in it so of course I was going to try it out. I’m thinking of doing a mix between the two and seeing how they help my skin.

4. While leaving the shops and waiting for our train my sister and I came across this gorgeous flower stand. Red roses are my favourite and I can never pass up the chance to take pictures of flowers because who doesn’t want to go through their camera roll and see it full of flowers? It’s the best way to live.

5. It’s been a while since I’ve done a collage so I went through my camera roll and picked out a couple of images which I loved and stood out to me to experiment with. I also added a quote which I read recently which I fell in love with. Anything to remind a girl how powerful she is. x

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