Artwork by Zabou.

Jacket // Missguided

Scarf // New Look

Jumper // New Look

Jeans // Topshop

Shoes // Nike


It may seem like these posts have gone on for about a month (they have) even though I was only in Paris for a weekend. I always enjoy my time there and we did so much that there was a lot to share with you all.

I kept my travel outfit for the journey back pretty simple; my jeans that I wore on the way there (smart packer) and a chunky jumper to keep me warm in the cold London air (Paris was pretty cold too).

Details will be below as usual.

Jacket // Missguided

Jumper // Topshop

Turtleneck // New Look

Jeans // Topshop

Bag // Guess

Sunglasses // Monarch Tokyo (20% off with FAHMIDABX20)