Here I am still stacking my jewellery up and loving it. Had a moment with these coral stones the other day. Also did a few collages to put up and help inspire me. 
Artwork // My own 
Highlighter // Sleek – Solstice Palette 
Earrings // Old 
Necklace // Old 
Coral // Marrakesh 

Layering Jewellery

One of my favourite things to do with jewellery is layer. Layering Jewellery can really change up a while outfit and bring some fire to the game and tie a look together. This weekend I’ve had a lot of love for the crystal/stone necklaces I bought while in Marrakesh. The Ines pictured above are coral beads which are a beautiful firey red which is what drew me to them in the first place. Because they’re quite large, I also like to wrap them around my wrists and step my arm candy game up as well.

I’ve put together a little Pinterest board that you guys can have a look at for some interested, let me know what you guys think!

Necklaces // Marrakesh
Cuffs // Marrakesh
Rings // Assorted, Old