Pink Himalayan Salt, Epsom Salt and Red Rose petal bath.

Towel Series

Sharing a towel series to share with you guys my current body and hair-care favourites that help pick me up every morning and pamper me every evening before bed:

Let’s Hit Pause

I think it’s really important to take a minute to hit pause and take care of yourself, especially during the week. I love taking a bubble bath during the work week, either in the morning or evening, depending on my work schedule. Here’s a little guide on a very simple mid-week pamper mesh…
Essential Oils of your choice; My fave at the minute
Bubble Bath/Bar: My fave from Lush
Bath Bomb: For added luxury, I love the range of bath bombs at Lush
Set the Tone:
Light some candles; one of my favourites
Pick up your favourite or current read/put on your favourite show or something new your watching: Netflix
And now all that’s left is to get in and enjoy! I wash myself in the bath before I get out but you can do this with whichever products you’re using or loving at the minute. But hopefully this little guide has given you a nudge to take a little bath and help yourself unwind and relax in the midst of a busy week. Feel free to come back and follow the little list whenever you need a pause.

Like a Rose

You all know by now that bubble baths are one of my favourite “me-time” activities and I’m always sharing my baths with you guys, but there are a few things I do before and during to take extra care of myself. When I want to have an extra relaxing pamper routine, there are a few things I do to relax myself even more than just having a bath, so I’ve put a little list together for you guys to have a read and maybe you could incorporate them into your self-care routine as well.
Bubble Bath:
If I’m not using a bubble bar from Lush (usually Rose Jam Bubbleroon), then I’m using a super delicate Rose Bath Essence (own brand) from Boots. It’s very gentle and has a gorgeous fragrance (obviously of roses) which I like to use if I’m adding more pampering products to my bath.
Rose Petals:
I use different flowers for my bath, usually the flowers I pick up on my Friday walk to the farmer’s market in my area, but most of the time I do pick up roses so that’s what I use for my baths the most. Flowers are a really simple way of making your self-care routine more indulgent. Just make sure you’re picking up flowers which are organically grown and don’t have pesticides and chemicals all over them, you don’t want to be soaking in that! 
Essential Oils:
I like adding Rose Essential Oil (currently using this one) in my bath just for extra Rose goodness (can you tell I’m obsessed yet?) but any essential oil you love will work great! And if you don’t have any essential oils at hand then bath bombs are a a great way to get them into your tub with some extra added goodness. Of course my go to for most of my bath products are Lush, click here to browse their bath bomb range!
Face Mask:
Getting in the bath tub with a mask on and some relaxing music is literally one my favourite ways to unwind after my work week is up. Here is my favourite face mask, again, from Lush.
Giving the bathroom a good clean and removing an clutter and lighting some scented candles is a great way to set the mood for bath time. Just make sure you’re being safe while they’re alight! Here is my favourite fragrance to burn.
Those of my tips for a relaxing bath time and unwinding session! If this isn’t new information for you guys then I hope it’s a good reminder to take some you time and look after yourself in the best ways possible. Everything starts with you so it’s so important not to neglect your health and well-being. 
Happy bathing my loves. x