My Day In Pictures: Running Errands

1. After a busy week at work, the first thing I wanted to do was go to my local flower market and pick up some fresh flowers! The best thing about picking up fresh flowers is that you always have a fresh batch to bath in after they’ve been in your company for a while. 
2. Earlier sunsets means when I am able to catch them, I can bask in how spectacular they are and of course, beautiful photos which I can look back at.
3. Another luxury i treated myself to were some crystals, I ordered some online which haven’t arrived yet so when I found a gorgeous little stall right next to the flower stall, I had to pick some up. Here you can see two Rose Quartz crystals, a Clear Quartz and a Sandstone.
4. Of course I treated myself to a Rose bath with my roses which were getting a little old. More details of my bath to come in tomorrow’s post.
5. A closer look at my nails which I got re-done as my first set of Gel nails had started peeling off. I am all sparkly and ready for the work Christmas Party tomorrow! Bring on the glam. 

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