First Impressions: Lush Rosy Cheeks Face Mask

Yesterday I picked up a couple of samples from Lush and thought it would be nice to do a first impressions of them. I picked up Rosy Cheeks and BB Seaweed and used Rosy Cheeks last night and again this morning.
This is more like a second impressions as I’ve used Rosy Cheeks before and loved it. It’s a clay like texture but doesn’t dry on the skin and turn hard like most clay masks. It actually leaves the skin feeling very moisturised and soft and actually makes my pores feel very small. Overall it leaves the skin feeling very soft and more even. I think this is the kind of mask that would feel different on different skin types because of how gentle it is, so for me, I have Dy/Combination skin which leaves my skin feeling more even and moisturised where it’s usually dry and less oily where it tends to get more oily. I would recommend this for all skin types and it’s easier to use more often because of how the mask works which is a plus because some days you just need that extra TLC. 
You can purchase this mask at all Lush stores and online

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