Silver Stars

One of my favourite ways to dress up a cosy outfit is by throwing a pair of heels on. I honestly love the way dressed down outfits look with a good pair of heels and sometimes that’s enough of a statement. I eel like I’ve had this jumper forever which is almost true. I got this from Forever 21 about three years ago now and it’s still in the same condition it was when I first got it and I still love it just as much as then as well. It just shows when you find a good item of clothing,  no mater the price, if you do take care of it and it’s made well, it can have a very long life in your wardrobe.

Outfit details will be posted below as always.

What are some of your favourite ways to dress up a cosy outfit?

Jumper // Forever 21
Leggings // New Look
Shoes // Public Desire
Choker // Handmade


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