Thigh High Ready

Public Desire have some great shoes in my opinion, I’ve been a fan for a while and some of my dearest heels are from there. When I was having a browse a few weeks back, that had some great shoes on offer so for £20 I thought I can’t really go wrong! I picked up a few pairs and one of them were these flat thigh highs with a faux leather on the front and a sort of scuba material on the back, which means they’re easy to walk around in and your leg movement isn’t very restricted, even though they go over the knee for me since I’m a little on the short side. They’re currently still on the website in a range of sizes, just follow the link provided below to get your hands on them!

For the icy weather we had last week, I paired the boots with my trusty knit from Forever 21 which I got a million years ago now, and some some thick leggings to keep my legs warm.

Jacket // H&M
Scarf // H&M (Similar)
Jumper // Forever 21 (Alternative)
Leggings // Similar
Boots // Public Desire


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