Until Next Time

School has come to an end for many of us and to mark the end, our school took part in a Leavers Barbecue to which I wore the outfit shown above. The trousers are handmade and something I’ve been waiting to wear out for a while, which I finally had the perfect opportunity to do last week. The weather was amazing too (which did mean I got pretty warm in my turtle neck although it’s not a very thick layer) which made the evening all the more pleasant. 
I had been wearing those heels for about two days by this point as well but they are one of my most comfortable pair, meaning it wasn’t much of a struggle at all (although I’ve chipped one of the heels on them now, meaning I won’t be getting any more wear out of those). Transitioning slightly into a more summery wardrobe and my white sleevless coat is making that a more comfortable transition; I’m finding more wears for it and getting more comfortable with leaving my trust bomber jacket at home on more than one occasion. 
Bra // Topshop (Similar)
Top // Topshop (Alternative)
Trousers // Handmade
Heels // Primark
Coat // Topshop
Clutch // Handmade


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