The weather in London has been pretty good over the last week or so and seems to be just as good this week (so far anyway) so what better time to whip out that white outfit that I bought way back when but have never found the right time to wear? The crop top I purchased from H&M about a year ago I think and just have not touched since. Although I do love the way it looks, it was slightly uncomfortable to wear; the turtle neck was a little too snug on my neck since I do have to wear small sizes for anything to fit me well which was a bit of an annoyance throughout the day. Although it wasn’t anything unbearable to wear, I am hoping it will get slightly more comfortable after a few washes. 
As I’m not used to wearing so much white and had to wear black shoes for the day (wearing my Nike Air Max 90’s) I decided on wearing a black shirt around my waist to break up the colour a bit more. 
How are you all enjoying the recent weather? I hope you all enjoyed the post and thank you for reading; items worn will be listed below. 
Top // H&M (Similar)
Leggings // Primark
Shirt // River Island (Alternative)
Jacket // H&M (Similar)

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