I finally managed to get my hands on some Calvin’s after they were restocked in my size (and just as well since they’re sold out again already! There is a link below which you can come back and recheck in case you want to get your hands on them from Urban Outfitters, which is where I got them from, or the CK website, which is also included.) and they are by far the comfiest things ever. They arrived in the mail just in time for the gorgeous weather we had last week which has thankfully carried onto this week, and I thought what better a time to test them out than while the sun was shining? 
The crop top I’m wearing over the bra is quite short as it’s from the Petite range at Topshop, so wearing it over the top was perfect as you could still see the elastic with the ‘Calvin Klein’ print. I wore the combination with my trusty bomber jacket and harem pants which I can never get enough of. This is probably a look I’ll be seen a fair few times in this summer. 
Items featured in this post are linked below, depending on whether or not they are still available online. If not, I’ve provided a link to a similar or alternative item.
Thank you for reading and enjoy your weekend everyone! 
Crop Top // Topshop (Alternative)
Harem Pants // H&M (Similar)
Jacket // H&M (Similar

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